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The technical issues dealing with the confusion of processing of computer evidence must be addressed and corrected. This is a very important issue, and everyone must learn more on the topic in the future. The creation of files prepares cases, as a team their files are modified, in the step of progress, and information is stored for each other is what allows the next to do their job. In order to have a secure system and offer the protection of information the team need to be attentive and alert following the guidelines and protocols. In the event, the steps are not followed properly there are consequences that have to be taken. This is a massive result to the whole department and can reach extreme to the loss of the case.
The seizing of every item must have reasoning behind the need of the object. An example would be a fake id was used to access the building. The identification was made by that specific computer. Therefore, the computer, printer, and accessories are tools that need to be checked for the information contained to see if this is the source of the identification manufacturing. The reasoning to believe the device was this computer is the scrap plastic in the wastebasket beside the desk of the computer matching the identification materials. There are additional photographs with eyes closed and not center face in the waste. This allows a string reason to believe there is a probable cause to place the item into evidence and look further even though the item is an opaque subject. As a result, there is not proof that file is held inside of that device (Surveillance Self-Defense, 2013).
The correct documentation to make the paperwork show the action that were taken in order to gain the information that will be entered in the court of law is a large concern. There has to be a starting point showing the court of law how the event happened.


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