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AIDA objective management

Ultimately, the goals and objectives of any promotional campaign culminate in the purchase of goods or services by the target market. The classic model for outlining promotional goals and achieving this ultimate outcome is the AIDA model—attention, interest, desire, and action.
Firms cannot sell products if the members of the target market do not know they exist. As a result, the first major goal of any promotional campaign is to attract the attention of potential customers. FreeCigs will use three forms of advertising (TV, Billboards, and online Social media to promote brand awareness. The strategies and objectives of the brand awareness are the following.
Objective: Increase brand awareness by up to 80% within 2 months of the campaign among 20 to 35 years ABC1.
Communication mediums
Event Sponsorship
Mass-communication and non-personal elements, such as advertising and sponsorships tend to be used more heavily to stimulate awareness and lead to brand exposure and brand recognition. This happens due to their efficiency in reaching large numbers of potential customers. Freedomciggs will be sponsoring events such as extreme sports, rally races, and fashion shows where one of the main audience is the young target market and where fashion, exuberance, and self-expression are the main theme. Booths will be set up in each event accompanied by interactive visual displays showing the slique design and packaging of the e-ciagretts. Also, on display will be small snapshot pictures of young e-cigarretes users socializing enjoying some “vapors” indoors or of a woman smelling her boyfriend’s clothes and appreciating the non-smelling feature of the e-cigarrets. In the case of rally racing, racing video games and racing simulations sponsored by Freedomcigs will be used in racing cars to draw people to the booths. The sponsorship will be…...

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