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In the ever-growing and constantly changing world of technology, Summer Frost Photography is outdated and in need of an upgrade. Currently, the company is using an outdated photography editing software that does not allow clients of the company to revise their pictures like other competitors in the area.

The time it takes to edit pictures of each individual clients takes far too long with the old software. The current software is something Summer Frost has continually used throughout the years and therefore the staff of the company feel very comfortable using it. After the editing process is done, more time and space is taken up as the pictures must go on the client’s DVD. There are much better systems currently out there to save time, money, and hassle.

There are numerous software systems on the market today that could help with these problems including more efficiency at Summer Frost Photography. The higher the efficiency of editing pictures, the more staff they are able to cater to because of time management. There are many programs out there that offer better editing tools and will allow Summer Frost Photography to have better customization. DVD’s will also not be needed with the new system.

After researching the best software systems on the market, there are two that best fit to help the company grow, be more efficient, save time, and save money. The first new software system is Adobe Photoshop Elements 13. There are many pros to the system which include intuitive and effective file handling and management, guided edits, and an expert mode. The system also offers an efficient way to store photos as well as manage them. There will also be a more advanced way to store the pictures thus diminishing the photos on DVD’s. The second upgraded software I think would be a great fit for the company is called ACDSEE PRO 7. This is another…...

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