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Education is one of the primary means for both developed and developing countries to show a response, to offshoring, so their workforces can compete globally for IT jobs. In fact, education has been a primary enabler of offshoring in the developing countries. India has responded rapidly to the educational needs of its software export industry, especially through its private universities and training organizations.

The future, however, is one in which the individual will be situated in a more global competition. The brightness of the future for individuals, companies, or countries is centred on their ability to invest in building the foundations that foster innovation and invention.

ACM 5 Principles: Slide Notes

1. Page 32 2. Evolve computing curriculum at a pace with the changing nature of IT.--
In nations that are current recipients of offshored work consisting of programming and routine software testing and maintenance, for example, it may be desirable to focus the curriculum more heavily on the lower levels.

In countries that are seeing their commodity IT work being offshored, it will be desirable for the curriculum to prepare students for the middle and upper levels of IT work, where the ability to merge computer science and IT with applications and strategy are important. This is likely to lead to an increased emphasis on application knowledge and a reduced emphasis on programming skills. It should be stressed that in all cases, however, the predominance of a certain level of IT work in a certain nation or region is just a generalization; all levels will exist in all countries, and students will be needed to move into all of these levels. It is the distribution that will vary.

In general, IT professionals are more likely to work in an application-specific context than previously, and conversely, less likely to…...

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