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After school essay

There are many things that different people like to do when they get home from school so today I will be telling you guys about the many different things I do after school and all of them will fall under three categories: Outdoors, School and last but not least, Friends. So let’s get started with Outdoors.
Outdoors is one of three categories of things I do after school there are many different things I do that are outdoors but for you the readers sake I will name a couple, Scouts is the first one now I have been a scout for 4 years now and I always enjoy it we do a lot of cool trips and campouts, Now scouts has been something that I find interesting it’s a combination of sports and physical labor and learning half of scouts is about learning like you learn a lot about different things for example I have learned a ton of different things in scouts that I would have never learned in school like in scouts I learned CPR which is part of the first aid merit badge and also its required in a couple other merit badges, I have also learned many different poisons plants and trees and berries and also a couple of edible ones, mainly we learned how to survive in a lot of scenarios like storms and animal attacks, also in outdoors I love to go on hikes if I have the time because I love to be able to see all the nature in its purest form I have seen a lot of different ecosystems and different big landmarks.
School the one topic that is going to be short mainly because I can’t talk that much about homework and projects but I am going to try my hardest. The days I have homework I really try to put it off to the side as long as I can because then I have to stay up late and do it so I didn’t have to waste any of my day working on it and I get to stay up late and drink tea but most of the time if its stuff I know and can easily do I do it…...

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