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The title derives from a genuine conviction of General John R. Allen remarking what he envisioned the Afghanistan war legacy to be: ‘‘Afghan forces defending Afghan people and enabling the government of this country to serve its citizens. This is victory, this is what winning looks like, and we should not shrink from using these words.’’
Directed by the award winning journalist Ben Anderson, you quickly realizse that the title is used with great irony revealing the trulye despondent state of the country, itsher corrupt leaders and the war battered civilians that were cast innocently into this mess.
Upon Rresearch preparation ing for this review involved I watchinged several other pieces covering the battle against the Taliban in Afghanistan. The central purpose of those war-documentaries has usually been to give the viewers some sense of what a raw state of war feels like and the gritty situations in which that the soldiers are immersed. have to immerse themselves in. ‘This is what winning looks like’ has little of that, instead Anderson directs his gaze at the Afghan army and police who will ultimately be responsible for holding back the fort fromfrom the line against what the US sees as the scourge of the Taliban. This unique perspective which peers into the future displays the long-lasting effectiveness of terrorist organization of the Taliban’s capacity .
With the official withdrawal of US and allied troops scheduled for late 2014, the time available to sand of time in the hourglass of establishing a stable government is rapidly dwindling away. Anderson comments that this is the first time he sees the Afghan army conducting missions without the US troops leading the charge. Yet this frail hand-over of the leadership dishearteningly exposes just how woeful the situation is. Anderson who interviews Major Stueber who is there to assist the transition,…...

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