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Miller, Katherine Louise L.
Santos, Danielle Katrina M. November 27, 2013
UV-2L Mango
Exercise 1: Descriptive Analysis- Data Collection and Presentation
Table 1. Statistical profile of mango, Philippines, 1990-2012 | Productiona (metric tons) | Importsb (metric tons) | Exportsc (metric tons) | Per capita consumptiond (kg/yr) | National populatione (in millions) | Wholesale pricesf (Php/metric ton) | Area plantedg (hectares) | Substitute: Papayah (Php/metric ton) | 1990 | 453,986.23 | nd | 11,760.74 | nd | nd | nd | 77,136.87 | nd | 1991 | 480,395.73 | nd | 20,344.52 | nd | nd | 18,022.79 | 82,515.18 | 2,899.08 | 1992 | 519,840.95 | nd | 24,606.48 | nd | nd | 16,016.58 | 86,127.35 | 3,913.21 | 1993 | 544,605.96 | nd | 27,489.51 | nd | nd | 17,118.89 | 91,212.95 | 4,916.31 | 1994 | 623,192.16 | nd | 26,367.32 | nd | nd | 20,238.44 | 99,111.57 | 5,390.30 | 1995 | 697,065.71 | nd | 39,858.98 | nd | nd | 11,567.65 | 108,144.37 | 5,041.20 | 1996 | 787,160.44 | nd | 36,516.00 | nd | nd | 14,355.73 | 117,434.67 | 4,534.14 | 1997 | 990,246.06 | nd | 40,767.98 | nd | nd | 11,803.55 | 124,947.06 | 5,331.55 | 1998 | 994,001.93 | nd | 47,698.87 | nd | nd | 13,721.57 | 129,795.72 | 8,822.13 | 1999 | 866,187.15 | nd | 31,844.00 | 39.00 | nd | 21,671.44 | 132,232.16 | 6,066.35 | Table 1. Continued. | | | | | | | | | 2000 | 848,328.27 | nd | 36,315.51 | 39.00 | 81,159,650 | 17,552.10 | 133,814.80 | 6,709.44 | 2001 | 881,709.64 | nd | 34,947.48 | nd | 82,841,520 | 14,608.93 | 137,050.00 | 6,599.21 | 2002 | 956,033.14 | nd | 32,845.53 | nd | 84,525,640 | 15,120.40 | 150,505.00 | 6,026.01 | 2003 | 1,006,190.52 | nd | 34,746.99 | nd | 84,619,980 |…...

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