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Technology has really made our life very easier and has made a greater place to live. Technology in the recent century has grown tremendously we have mobile phones, airplanes and off course computer which had made our lives very simpler. Its very difficult to imagine a world without mobile phones and computer. I do really think the technology has really made our lives very simpler.

Alexander Graham Bell who has invented telephone in the 19th century would have never thought that his invention would be so much advanced now. Earlier phone was just used for communication between persons but now it has become a part of our lives. The innumerable application which comes with mobile phones has made our lives very simpler. How often we have seen the advertisement in the television that never get lost when you have the mobile phone in your hand. Gone are the days where we would ask for directions to go to a particular place.

Computers I think was the greatest invention, it helps us to do almost everything. How often do we use a dictionary or a encyclopedia to find out a details of a particular thing nowadays. How often do we visit a bank or pay the telephone\electricity bills by going to the respective offices. Gone are the days of queue and waiting. It has made our world closer and our near and dear ones even much more closer through internet.

I do really think that technology has made our life very simpler and made the world a better places to live, even if technology is being used to destroy mankind to a greater extent. We can always have pros and cons for everything and I really think the pros for technology do weigh more than the cons, it perspective that varies from person to person that is how he would like to use the advancement of technology for mankind whether to use it make his work much more simpler or to hurt…...

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