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Sr. No. | Chapter Name | Page No. | 1. | Acknowledgement | 5 | 2. | Preface | 6 | 3. | Objective and Introduction | 7 | 4. | A Brief about the two Companies | 8 | 5. | Standard Costing System | 12 | 6. | Findings | 15 | 7. | Conclusion | 17 |


We owe much gratitude to all the people who have helped and supported us during the conduct of this project.

Our sincere thanks to our Professor Prof. L.N. CHOPDE for giving us the opportunity of practically studying standard costing systems of organizations with the help of this project. He has been a perfect guide through all the lectures and has helped a lot throughout the preparation of the project.

Our deep sense of gratefulness to Mr. Anil Rasal for his support and guidance. Thank and appreciation to the staff of both the banks for their support too.

We would also like to thank the institution – M.E.T. College and the faculty members without whom this project would have been a distant reality.


Comparative Study of Accounting System of Gunnebo India Pvt. Ltd and Ashok Leyland Ltd.:

As part of the project we have studied the standard costing systems and the general accounting related to it followed by Gunnebo India Pvt. Ltd and Ashok Leyland Ltd. As per the guidelines given for the project we have taken the two companies. Both are manufacturing companies – while Gunnebo is involved in manufacturing of security systems, Ashok Leyland is manufacturer of heavy vehicles.


After studying this unit, you should be able to explain the differences between the standard costing systems followed in two companies discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the each of the techniques they follow.


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