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PRACTICE 2: Writing Paraphrases
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Source: Page 18 of a three-page article in the October 15, 2003, issue of Space Science magazine. The title of the article is “Manned Mars Flights: Impossible Dream?” The author is Patrick Clinton, a NASA physician.
A second major problem is maintaining astronauts’ mental health. Being confined for long periods of time in dark and hostile space undoubtedly produces anxiety. Loneliness and boredom are other psychological concerns.
NASA physician Patrick Clinton states that keeping the astronauts mentally healthy is a second problem. The lengthy time in space may lead to anxiety as well as loneliness and boredom.

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Source: Page 48 of a nine-page magazine article written by Jeffrey Klunger. The article appeared on page 42-50 in the January 26, 2004, issue of Time magazine. The title of the article is “Mission to Mars: First the Rover Lands, and Now Bush Wants to Send People. We Can Do It Even Faster Than Planned, but Here Is What It Will Take.”
Speed is everything on the way to Mars and not only because a seven-month trip in a confined space can be torturous. The bigger problem is that it can be lethal because of radiation exposure in deep space, where the absence of Earth’s magnetic field leaves astronauts for more exposed to deadly cosmic energy than they are in orbit or on the way to the moon.
An article by Jeffrey Klunger said going to Mars needed high in speed. The big challenging is the radiation exposure in space can be more fatal to astronauts than they are in orbit as well as in the moon.

PRACTICE 5: Writing Summaries
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English is the language of globalization. Computers and internet are using English as their main language. Else, English is used as intermediary language among peoples around the world in order to understand for each other to…...

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