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My college education is very important to me and plays a critical role in

goals I've set for my future. Like most other college students, I've got plans,

hopes, and ideas for my college life and time I'm to spend attending school.

Taking this course also plays a role in my college experience.

While having children and being a single mother may have initially caused

me to put off starting college, it's now my number one reason for attending

school. In today's society, it's almost essential for one to have a college degree

to have a successful career. It's very important for me to have a successful career

because I want to be able to provide for my children as well as give them every

possible advantage I can. I also hope that one day they will be able to say

they're proud of me for working hard and getting my education and know that

I did it for us, so that we could have a better life.

Most college students set goals for what they hope their college

experience will be and I'm no different. I've set goals to study hard and make

good grades and know that I've done my best. I've also set goals for myself

to make new friends and step out of my comfort zone and try new things.

While I can't totally live like the cliche college Freshman due to raising two

and not being able to go to all the school events or live on campus, I still

plan to attend as many events as I can to get the full "college experience".

I hope to get from this course some of the neccessary tools to help

me get through my Freshman year. I…...

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