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New Zealand
About New Zealand:
New Zealand is an island country situated in South Pacific Ocean with two main islands and several small islands. It is equal to the size of UK or Japan in land area. New Zealand enjoys a mild and temperate maritime climate. This country is blessed with beautiful mountains, beaches and extraordinary greenery. It enjoys a mild temperate climate. The people of NZ known as New Zealanders or Kiwis are very friendly and are known for their warm hospitality. In 2011, the country was ranked fifth based on the strength of its democratic institutions and first as a corrupt-free transparent government.
Capital: Wellington
Language: English and Maori
Official Currency: NZD (New Zealand Dollar)
Area: 268,021 Km2
Minimum wages per hour: $14.25 NZD
Prime Minister: John Key
Monarch: Elizabeth II
Education System

There are 10 levels of study in New Zealand schools and universities. The lowest level is a certificate and the highest is a doctoral degree. Each level is more complex than the one below it. These are the names of our qualifications and their levels:

1. Certificates are levels 1 to 4

2. Diplomas are levels 5 and 6

3. Bachelor`s degrees and graduate diplomas are level 7

4. Postgraduate certificates and diplomas, and bachelor`s degrees with honors are level 8

5. Master`s degrees are level 9

6. Doctoral degrees are level 10.
New Zealand offers options for both undergraduate and post graduate programs. A student can choose from a degree or diploma based on their qualification and interest. Both of them are recognized for jobs within New Zealand and immigration purposes.

How to Apply?
Main Intakes – February and October
Other Intakes – July
It is suggested that you should start making applications ideally 2-3 months prior to the intake. University generally takes around 2-3 weeks to…...

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