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Abortion Facilities Impacting Women for the Good
In the year of 1973, the option of receiving an abortion became legalized due to the case of Roe v Wade. (NRLC). Women in the earlier years were having unsafe procedures to terminate a pregnancy, due to the negative views people held on the topic, they sought alternative methods. Some people highly place abortions on an ethnics issue stand, judging whether the act is moral or unmoral or whether the bad outweighs the good. This issue, when debated, is focused mainly on the life on the baby not yet born, rather than the mother childbearing. Abortions should be viewed to others as an advantage to women because it provides them with a healthier and optimistic lifestyle.
Pro-choice is seen as a “helping milestone” for women and a fundamental to female empowerment and equality according to Valerie Tarico in which women are more in control of their bodies (AlterNet). The popular motto in the pro-choice movement is “Trust Women” meaning that no other person can make a decision better than the women herself. This motto “means that no one else can make a better decision- because no one else is living her life, and since she will have to live with that not you, and not that state legislature or the Supreme Court- chances are she is doing her best in a tight spot” says Katha Pollitt as she attempts to show women should be able to make a decision upon themselves (Pollitt). Having the chance to obtain an abortion provides women to have plans, dreams, and aspirations managed by themselves. Allowing women to turn to getting an abortion helps women feel more empowered to take measures necessary to creates her decisions. Women will feel more relieved knowing they are in charge of themselves and can make a call they believe will do them good. Tarico states that women who “lack the means to manage her fertility lacks the means to manage…...

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