Abnormal Psychology and Therapy

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Abnormal Psychology and Therapy

Psychology itself is defined as the scientific investigation of the mental process and behavior (Kowalski & Westen, 2011). The discipline includes a closer examination of thoughts, how people feel about situations and the way they interact with their environment and react to situations and other people. Problems that may arise when dealing with psychology can be conflict, general unhappiness or depression. Mental disorders/illness are not part of normal human behavior and can lead to problems in relationships as well as harm to the person with the disorder or people close to them. There are a wide range of therapies for such disorders and each situation differs from case to case. A closer examination follows with a contrast of normal and abnormal psychology, mental disorders from the view of psychology and a deeper look into two therapies used for both normal and abnormal psychology.
Normal and Abnormal Psychology According to "What Is The Difference Between Normal And Abnormal Psychology" (2015), "The difference between normal and abnormal psychology tends to be one of degree of disruption. Normal psychology is the study of human behavior, with a focus on “normal” or average, socially-acceptable traits and behaviors. Abnormal psychology, by contrast, is the study of unusual human behavior, and includes the study of mental disorders.” (para. 1). The standard of normal versus abnormal psychology can be very apparent, or it can be subtle. It is frequently easy for an eccentric manifestation of behavior to be viewed as abnormal, when it might essentially be an alternate methodology. Normal psychology is considered to be the standard, or normal, behavior that a human being would engage in if they were of sound mind. A person who falls under the general umbrella of normal psychology can function at a high level in most…...

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...One of the trickiest scientific ideas to define is abnormal psychology. There are very few universally accepted theories in the science of psychology and with a field that is so open to interpretation defining what is normal is a tall order. Interpreting the meaning of research data is a matter of perspective and is often open to debate. Everyone perceives things through their own concept of the world and since no two people experience the world in the exact same way the definition of normal varies from person to person and culture to culture. In this paper we will examine the field of abnormal psychology, a few common disorders, and the varying methods of therapy from the differing psychological schools of thought. Normal vs. Abnormal Psychology “Defining what is abnormal depends on how one first defines what is normal” (Davis & Buskist, 2008, p. 237). Psychology in general terms is the study of the mind. We study mental processes and human behavior to better understand the human condition. In trying to study the mind and understand the processes of thought there is much overlap from other disciplines; to fully understand behavior we must gain an understanding of all that goes into the process. There are biological, neurological, and evolutionary components to cognition and reaction. There is also a strong philosophical aspect to appreciating the idiosyncrasies of human behavior. In modern psychology there are four main schools of thought: psychodynamic, behaviorist,......

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