A Trip to Grand Rapids

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A Trip to Grand Rapids

1. Roger and his wife see a lot of cars heading towards their house, and therefore they drive back to their house. They soon find out that there is a party going on. They discuss whether or not to go in and stop the party. They want to trust their daughters but they also want to stop the party. They decide to go have a look. Roger sees the children drinking beer and one of the daughters smoking a cigarette. He struggles with the situation. As a parent he would like his daughter to toss the cigarette and be his little girl again. This party gets them both thinking about their youth, and therefore they decide to leave. Unfortunately their car is stuck and they have to go back for help. They are confronting their daughters without any problems, and the girls help them collect money to get the car free.

2. Roger Hedlund is a farmer and lives with his wife and two teenage daughters. He has a good relationship to his wife and he loves her very much. You see that clearly on page 12; line 149-150 where he kisses her neck and goes to sleep full of love.
He seems like a parent struggling with the fact that his daughters are growing up. He goes through a process in his life. In the beginning he is being a father with clear principals, for example this shows on page 1, line 3 where he had laid down the law, animals stay outdoors. But throughout the story he simply gives up.
He thinks the role of being a good father figure is too much to handle, when his daughters are throwing a big party. You can see that on page 3; line 91 where he says “I’m getting tired of being a dad.” The girls do exactly what they want, and who is he to stop them when he as well, did the same things when he was young. Instead of confronting his daughters, he then gives up being a proper father.

3. Roger Hedlund’s philosophy of life could be a sign of having too much to…...

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