A Study of Job Analysis and Design in Mobile Network Operators of the Telecommunications Industry in Bangladesh 

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A Study of Job Analysis and Design in Mobile Network Operators of the Telecommunications Industry in Bangladesh

Objectives of the Report

Objectives of the Repot
To determine the job analysis and design techniques used by the mobile phone operators in Bangladesh. To evaluate the effectiveness of each firm’s job analysis and design techniques and cross-examining them to make a comparison To provide possible recommendations on ways to improve each firm’s job analysis and design techniques

Research Methodology

Research Methodology
Primary Sources  Questionnaire Secondary Sources  Journals  Research Papers  Internet

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 Only one official from each company was interviewed  Difficult to contact HR managers due to their work schedules  Hesitant to provide information due to their confidential nature  Difficult to assess reliability as based mainly on interviews

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Job Analysis and Design

Job Analysis: Importance & Purpose
 Primary task for setting a baseline for each job  Enables HR professionals to effectively manage job-related activities  Systematic approach to defining the job role, description, requirements, responsibilities, evaluation, etc.  Legal validation of employment decisions  Defines duties & tasks  Identifies reporting relationships  Basis for determining relative worth of jobs  Identifies redundancy

Job Design
 Refers to the way that a set of tasks, or an entire job, is organized  Takes into account factors that affect the work  Organizes the content and tasks to improve the efficiency of the business and improve employee satisfaction Job design involves administrative areas such as: 1.Job rotation 2.Job enlargement 3.Task/machine pacing 4.Work breaks and working hours

Industry Background

Industry Background…...

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