A Soldiers Bride

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A Soldier´s Bride

1) a) The great news the girl could tell her family was that she had passed the entrance examination to Holy Rosary Secondary School.

b) Her father´s reaction was absolutely nothing, he was not excited. He told her he did not wanted her to go to Secondary School, because she was a woman who was going to marry someone anyway, and therefore he wanted to save his money to her little brother´s education. He wanted her to help her mom at the market. c) Her mother took the girl´s side, and tried to talk some sense into her father, but it didn´t help. He had made up his mind, and her mom couldn´t find the money for her to go. She was powerless.

d) The girl and her boyfriend Obi talked about the bad news of her not being able to go to school, and how she thought he might didn´t wanted to be with her any longer. She thought it would be embarrassing for him having a girlfriend who only worked at the market. But Obi assured her it didn´t matter at all for him. They met at the churchyard and sat under some palm trees.

e) Obi used his saving to pay for her fees of her schooling. Then she could go to the interview. The schooling went good for her, her father finally gave in and she moved into a boarding school in January. But then a civil war broke out.

f) Obi had made a decision to go into the army, because he wanted to be there. The only thing that had held him back was her, but now the civil war had broken out and he wanted to join.

g) The girl wanted to wait for Obi to come back from the army, but it had gone two years. Her father was pressuring her to marry someone else, someone with money, because he hoped to get some money from the dowry. His life had become a hardship, and he was in need of money. She finally had to give in, and married a local trader of the village, who was twice her age. She had no love…...

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