A Need for Change Within a Project

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A Need For Change Within A Project
Ronny L. Wade
Walden University

In this paper, I will show the type of change approach I took to make a major change within the organization technologically and culturally. As stated by (Schein, E, 2006), “Change and stability are two sides of the same coin”. I believe that communication within and among an organization is driven with the successes and failures of employee management and the employees that will increase the effectiveness of the growth of change within the organization. To perform change more effectively a clear and precise plan of action must be present, to due to the success or failure of the proposed change.

A Need For Change Within A Project
“THE PRIMARY TASK OF MANAGEMENT is to get people to work together in a systematic way, like an orchestra conductors, managers direct the talents and actions of various payers to produce a desired result” (Christensen, C. M., Marx, M., & Stevenson, H. H., 2006, p. 73).
The Situation
In this ever changing world of technology, I once conveyed to my company a vision that would bring change in the way we process our product with the development teams and the client. In the vision I expressed that we needed to have a more organized approach to developing our code for the client’s and that we needed a centralized hub where all code is checked in and checked out for the developers. Our company utilized SVN at that time, which did not give the security as GIT would provide.
Each developer team sensed that it needed to be in action but some were reluctant for the visional change from the normal course of actions we were taking. DuBrin (2013, p.77), states that a “transformational leader is one who brings about positive, major changes in an organization”. This proposed change would enable team members to utilize the same code, save it once they have…...

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