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How to maintaining respect and dignity when providing personal care to patients.
Introduction to the topic
I will be researching into this topic as I feel it is important to support and keep up values and teachings on how to provide impeccable respect and dignity when providing/assisting a patient with personal care. Also the 21st century media represents health care professionals to be upholding professional care standards to patients. I will be focusing specifically on the right and wrong ways and procedures that are used when providing personal care; and exactly how it protects the respect and dignity of the patient (Scie.org.uk, 2015). This topic is of great relevance to health and social care professionals as it is the foundation for all care provided, so without maintaining correct respect and dignity when the patient is most vulnerable then proper care cannot be provided to a high standard. When researching into this topic I will be looking into and reading on research articles and journals by authors such as Chochinov et al who focus on the dignity in the terminally ill (Chochinov et al., 2002).
Search strategies
I will plan to conduct my research by collecting evidence from research articles and journals from the most recent years available for validity and reliability purposes. I will also be looking into polices; from the most up to date to see how they have been changed and improved from the previous years. To research I will be using key words such as ‘respect’ ‘dignity’ and ‘maintaining’ to get the most accurate articles and will be using both printed journals as well as electronic. I will also be narrowing down my research into the elderly patients as recent research and studies have shown an increase into the population of over 65s and an increase in care homes (Morse, 2013).
* Chochinov, H., Hack, T., McClement, S.,…...

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