3 Different Life Styles You Choose Yours

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class date 3 different life styles you choose yours

The Orlando car scene is a big culture that has blown up over the past five year. It’s crazy to think that there are many different types of sub styles that are within each style. There are 3 different types show, race, and what I like to call hybrid. These are the 3 main styles that you’ll will see in Orlando when driving around. It’s clear now that I know the different type to understand why one would do things to their car. Because one aspect might help one car but would hinder another, so I’ll explain the 3 main styles within Orlando, FL. So you can have a better understanding of why certain thing are done to their cars.

Racing is the most dangerous one out of all 3 styles. It has its ups and downs, you could win money, and parts that could help your car get faster. Racing is like gambling you don’t know what could happen. You could be racing down the track and blow a tire out and lose control and crash. Those are the scarcest times; it could all happen so fast without warning. Most people build their cars so that there are safety precautions taking so that things like that won’t happen. When racing you always have multiple thing you have to check before sending a car down the track such as tire pressure because if the tire is over inflated the car will spin to much and not get traction and spin to much, Oil pressure is a big factor that you have to know before you send a car down the track if the oil pressure is to low then that mean the oil pump is have trouble moving oil though out the motor and will stop lubricating the motor which could cause a malfunction and could cause that motor to lock up or harm the motor. Breaking motors can get expensive and can end up costing a fortune. That’s when sponsors come in and help with getting the parts you need and in return you advertise for…...

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