1. Definition: Foreign Exchange One of the Largest Businesses Carried Out by the Commercial Bank Is Foreign Trading. the Trade Among Various Countries Falls for Close Link Between the Parties Dealing in Trade. the

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One of the largest businesses carried out by the commercial bank is foreign trading. The trade among various countries falls for close link between the parties dealing in trade. The situation calls for expertise in the field of foreign operations. The bank, which provides such operation, is referred to as rending international banking operation. Mainly transactions with overseas countries are respects of import; export and foreign remittance come under the preview of foreign exchange transactions. International trade demands a flow of goods from seller to buyer and of payment from buyer to seller. In this case the bank plays a vital role to bridge between the buyer and seller.

H.E. Evitt defined “Foreign Exchange” as the means and methods by which rights to wealth expressed in terms of the currency of one country are converted into rights to wealth in terms of the currency of another country.

Foreign Exchange Department is an international department of the bank. It deals with globally and facilitates international trade through its various modes of services. It bridges between importers and exporters. Bangladesh Bank issues license to scheduled banks to deal with foreign exchange. These banks are known as Authorized Dealers. If the branch is authorized dealer in foreign exchange market, it can remit foreign exchange from local country to foreign country. This department mainly deals with foreign currency. This is why this department is called foreign exchange department.

Foreign exchange refers to the process or mechanism by which the currency of one country is converted into the currency of another country and thereby involves the international transfer of money. It is the means and method by which rights to wealth in a country’s currency are converted into rights to wealth in another country’s currency. In banks when we…...

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